Африка: Мали
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Travelling with Immigrants - Mali
February 2007
The illegal immigration route from Africa to Europe is one of the most dangerous journeys in the world. In this exclusive report, we accompany a group risking all in pursuit of the European dream.

"This is suicide. God protect us", despairs one man. They're only a few hours into their long journey from Mali to Mauritania. Already, they've been beaten by policeman looking for bribes and now their driver is demanding more money. If they don't pay, he'll leave them in the Sahara, 20 km from the nearest town. After three days they arrive near the Algerian border. But some of the immigrants have run out of money. "I'm desperate. I don't know what I'm going to do", laments one. He'll be left at this border town without even money for water. For the rest, the most dangerous part of their journey is just about to begin. Other migrants, still traumatised by their experience, describe what happened to them. "We didn't realise there was something wrong with our boat until we were off the coast of Morocco", states one. "They put water in our petrol cans. Twenty people drowned". He's had enough and wants to go home. But most have heard stories like this before. They refuse to be put off. As one states; "for me, it's Europe or death".