Африка: Камерун
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Cameroon : The Secret of Peace documentary
Cameroon is one of the few African countries enjoying true ethnic and religious harmony since its independence. It seems like a miracle when observing Cameroon’s extreme diversity of more than 200 ethnic groups and about fifty churches and religious cults yet Christians, Muslims and Animists are respectful of each other’s beliefs, and coexist peacefully. The neighbouring countries of Chad, Nigeria and Congo have all been faced with civil wars or religious clashes. What is the secret of such a stability and balance in Cameroon ?

From North to South, from small villages to big cities, this film lets us meet the people of Cameroon. Muslims or Christians, sorcerers, priests and homeless kids tell us about their hopes and fears. Along the way, surprising characters reveal themselves. They wonder what the future holds for their country but keep faith in their beliefs and values.

Director: Eric Elléna
Producers: French Connection Films, KTO, Transa Communication

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